Month: October 2019

Clearances Exhibition 2020

Planning for next year’s exhibition is already underway. We are on the lookout for anyone with information that will be useful to us. This includes items you might have seen online or perhaps family histories, books, documents, etc. We are particularly keen to hear from relatives, at home or overseas, of those who were cleared who perhaps can share their family stories.

You can get in touch by emailing SHA on

HAF: Visit to Marydale Chapel and Clachan Comar

As part of the Highland Archaeology Festival SHA is hosting an event inviting people to visit the RC Church at Marydale – the Church of Our Lady and St Bean followed by a short trip to Clachan Comar, a ruined 17th century church set within a graveyard which was still in use into the 20th century. (Clachan, meaning stones, is the Gaelic word for a graveyard). The church is built on the site of an earlier church, possibly 10th century, which was dedicated to Saint Bean and known as Kilbeathan.