Exhibition 2020 - 'The Highland Clearances'

When and where

For 2020 SHA will be hosting an exhibition based on possibly the most notorious period in Scottish history – ‘The Highland Clearances.’  The exhibition at Marydale will run from Saturday 8th August till Saturday 22nd August both dates inclusive.  Opening times will be posted later.

How you can help

We’re looking for information on all aspects of the Clearances from the causes through to how the people who were cleared fared in their new homes.  So if you are in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA etc and have some information you would like to share with us please get in touch.  Information can come in a variety of forms such as family stories, documents, records, photos (yes we know cameras weren’t around much till later!), etc.  – anything that helps us create a lasting history of what took place.

Following the exhibition we will post what we have displayed on a new website dedicated to the memory of all those affected by the Clearances.  Some folks from across the globe have already told us they will be visiting us but for those who can’t then we will do our best to share the information we have.