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Grant Award (Posted 09/10/2018)

We are pleased to announce that SHA has received a grant award from the Strathglass Community Fund (SCF) that will help us purchase top quality display equipment including lighting and vintage maps of the Strathglass area. For more information about SCF please visit their website.

1891 Census Records (Posted 01/10/2018)

The 1891 census records are now available in the Members Area of the wesite. Get in touch if you would like login details.

Forthcoming Events in Inverness (Posted 27/03/2018)

See the What's On page for details of a couple of interesting events taking place in Inverness in the next couple of months.

Addition to Members Area (Posted 27/03/2018)

From today minutes from Committee Meetings, Annual General Meetings, etc will be added to the Members Area of the website. Contact info@strathglass-heritage.co.uk if you would like login details.

St Mary's Curch Eskadale (Posted 21/01/2018)

St Marys's RC Church EskadaleSHA has written a letter of support in aid of funding applications by the trustees of St Mary's at Eskadle for urgent remedial work to the fabric of the category B Listed Building which dates back to 1826. Besides its architectural importance, St Mary's is also of interest for its place in the history of Strathglass. With the revival of the Roman Catholic faith from the late 17th. century onwards, small chapels or mass-houses were built at several sites in Strathglass, but of these only the ruins of Clachan Comar remain, with little or no trace of the chapels at Knockfin, Achnaheaglais, Fasnakyle, Inchully or Aigais. For this reason it would be very regrettable if St. Mary’s Eskadale were to be lost too.

The church has strong links to Clan Chisholm, the Lovat Frasers and the Sobieski Stuarts, a number of whom are buried in the graveyards. St Mary's is also the resting place for a number of Bishops. SHA has long regarded St. Mary’s Eskadale as an important monument in the history of Strathglass and we sincerely hope that the applications for funding essential repairs will be successful.

New Members Area on website (Posted 05/01/2018)

A password protected Members Area has been added to the website allowing members to have access to the digital archives held by SHA. Initially the contents of the Members Area are from the Library and Census sections of our digital archive. In the Library you will find a variety of documents, books, etc. relating to aspects of our local heritage e.g. Clans, Clearances etc. The Census section contains the records of people living in the townships within Strathglass in 1841.

1841 Census (Posted 25/11/2017)

The 1841 Census records for Strathglass and the Glens are in the final stages of transcription and will be available to members at the 6th December pop-in afternoon.

Two Local Heritage Sites Designated National Monument Status (Posted 03/01/2017)

On the 6th December 2016 two sites within Strathglass were officialy added to the statutory schedule of National Monuments. Comar Dun with which we are well acquainted and perhaps the lesser known Badger Fall - an illicit still dating to the 18th century are now protected under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979.

Details of the Comar Dun are discussed elsewhere on this website. The site at Badger Fall was rediscovered by FCS Ranger Stuart Findlay around 2009 and although difficult to date it is suggested the late 1700s is a good starting point. At present the site is not easy to visit, only really accessible to the most adventurous visitor (and of course the whisky enthusiast of old!). The still itself would have sat in a small building, concealed by an over-hanging rock face and adjacent to a small burn. The building footings survive in woodland in a secluded gully above the river Affric.

FCS will now include both monuments in their annual inspections and work programmes. SHA will be discussing access to the site with FCS in the coming months with a view to including both Badger Fall and Comar Dun in a future Heritage Trail.

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