Mullach an Tuir

Hill of the Tower

The site of Mullach an Tuir is one that Strathglass Heritage is keen to develop as part of our Strathglass Heritage Trail Project. It is situated within the Forestry & Land Scotland estate overlooking the village of Cannich.

The site has never been excavated but was subject to survey work in 1996 prior to felling of trees planted some thirty years earlier. The felling however did not take place till almost ten years after the report which allowed for further deterioration of the structures.

A number of interesting archaeological features were noted on the hillside and SHA is particulary interested in the cairn believed to have been constructed during the Bronze Age or earlier Neolthic Age.

SHA members have visited the cairn site recently and started to remove the moss, vegetation and general debris left over from the tree felling. Once this has been completed then detailed measurements of the feature will be possible and hopefully a more accurate assessment can be made as to its age.

Full list of structures at Mullach an Tuir

Mullach an Tuir, Glencannich J Wordsworth
(Kilmorack parish)
Pre-felling forestry survey
NH 3414 3216 Cairn 15m diameter by up to 1.5m high,
probably structural.
NH 3400 3215 ?Clearance cairns.
NH 334 312 Cairnfield some 250 x 150m.
NH 3346 3122 Roundhouse 10m internal diameter.
NH 3353 3234 Roundhouse 7m diameter.
NH 3353 3234 Roundhouse 7m in diameter within cairnfield
100 x 70m.
NH 3380 3240 Caimfield 50 x 20m.
NH 3362 3217 Longhouses.
NH 3366 3220 Longhouse ?byre.
NH 3376 3222 Longhouse.
NH 3383 3225 ?Roundhouse 7-8m in diameter.

As was suggested in the earlier survey there is a distinct possibility that there is an entrance thus indicating a chambered cairn. The presence of a very large flat stone unlike the vast majority of those that make up the cairn suggests a capstone from the roof of a chamber or possibly the lintel over the entrance.

The selection of photos below show members of SHA working on the site in July 2019. It is very much a work in progress!